19 May 2013

Things I've Learned From Higher Education

1. Bureaucracy is God. Even if you have the cure to bloody cancer in your research papers, they will most definitely not care unless you also have a document signed by individuals that are never at their offices and don't own mobile phones and don't reply to e-mails. Best part? You get the blame.

2. Pretend. Pretend it's someone else's fault so your parents don't yell at you for something that will in no way add to your life experience or happiness yet is still apparently important because numbers on a piece of paper clearly show how smart you are. Pretend you know what you don't care about just to get over it faster. Pretend you care just to not get nagged. Pretend.

3. Nobody really cares. And the few that do have little power of changing things.

4. Big words are usually empty. The amount of ginormous words used is directly proportional to the % of bullshit. And just because you use them does not make you king and queen of cheese, my friend.

5. Learn by heart and do not question. What? You have opinions? How cute, now move along and listen to what we have to say about what you have to think.

6. Intelligent people can get around by doing very little. It's a thing. You do only the necessary and leave more room for what you actually like, this usually resulting in mediocre grades and higher overall happiness levels. This does not make you a failure. It makes the educational system a failure.

7. Naps are vital. For finding yourself and deciding whether the 6 page long report on sea slugs is actually that important.

8. Why. You will ask this question a lot. Why sit in class while an almost defunct teacher reads outdated theories out loud for you to write down and memorize word for word. Why attend any class that has one-way communication. Why accept opinions instead of challenging them. Why allow your mind to become so dull that conversations about the weather will seem like a good idea. Why.

I'm just very upset today, and not even coffee and denial will change it.