18 May 2013

Novel Draft #1, Part #7

                                                       Emma – Thank You

Bloody first class is bloody over and I bloody have to bloody thank the bastard. I can do this… I can do this! I ca… Oh, who am I kidding, I can’t do this. Professor Shangrove immediately left the classroom after telling us that today consisted of just one class and, despite the ruckus around me, I was still very much frozen in place in my chair.
“Are you planning on spending the rest of your day in that chair?” the voice of damnation came upon me from my right. “It’s a very comfortable chair, I’ll give it that, but- oh, did you say something? I couldn’t quite hear what it was,” Lucas mused. Is he actually implying that I should thank him? Why if that isn’t the most impolite thing I have ev-
“You are required to stand for the thanking process, you know,” he interrupted my train of thoughts. My blood started to boil as I tried to remain cool and collected, firmly planted in my chair. Don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact.
“I did help you out of an otherwise embarrassing situation, did I not? I require at least a verbal appreciation, uhm… what was your name again?”
“EMMA!” I thundered, fists clenched on the edges of the desk.
“Ah, such a common name was to be expected,” WHAT? He did NOT just call my name ‘common’. “But leaving that aside, Emma, proper protocol requires the damsel to thank her knight after saving her from her distress. Care to contradict me?” I raised my eyes as far as his nose, and saw an evil smile flourish on his face, white teeth shining mockingly. Do not make eye contact, do not make eye contact, do-
“Are you, by any chance, avoiding thy knight’s gaze, my damsel?” he asked, leaning towards me and lifting my chin with his index finger. My body suddenly gave me alarm signals, which translated into something along the lines of ‘Hit him. Hard. Preferably with a metal object of undetermined weight.’ He forced me to look him in the eye, and his smirk expanded even more, if that was physically possible. The damsel shalt hit her bloody useless knight if he does not take his hand off her in the next five seconds. Thou hath been warned.
“That’s it!” I spat with trembling rage as I smacked his hand away. He seemed rather surprised, because he took a healthy step backwards, allowing me to get up from my very comfortable chair. “What do you want from me? Huh? What?”
“Well, a simple gesture like saying thank you and licking my shoe would be more than sufficient, I presume,” he adopted a thinking posture, but the playful twinkle in his eyes remained, betraying him.
“L-l…licking your shoe, huh?” I repeated, shaking with anger. He seemingly enjoyed that, barely holding back his smile. “Enough, e-e… enough!” I said dismissively, making my way around him and his aura of sarcasm and aiming for the classroom door. Is this guy for real? Talk about the spawn of the Devil… wonder what his father’s like. Oh my, what if the headmaster’s office actually hides the gates of Hell… I somehow find that frightfully plausible right now…
“You will thank me properly, new girl. Mark my words,” Lucas stated matter-of-factly as I was slamming the door shut.

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