11 June 2013

Things to do on a rainy afternoon

  1. Pretend you're one of the Aristocats kittens in a basket on the river bank. I used to feel safe and cozy whenever I thought of myself as a kitten in a basket out in the rain.
  2. Stuff yourself with comfort food and watch a nice show while cuddled up in your blanket.
  3. Read a book while listening to the metallic pitter-patter on the windowsill.
  4. Be happy that your crops will grow faster and better this year, sacrifice to the gods of rain and thunder and wash your face with the blood of your enemies.
  5. Invite friends over (if they, unlike you, are able and willing to leave the house on a rainy day), order pizzas and watch shows or play cards against humanity or whatever crazy kids do these days.
  6. Go outside and rescue as many snails as you can from the sidewalk. 
  7. Find an oversized leaf and walk around like you're from a Ghibli movie fuck yeah.
  8. Do not post status updates, not even ironical ones, complaining about the rain or about people complaining about the rain or about the people complaining about people complaining about the rain. You get the point.
  9. SLEEP.
Now if you excuse me, I'll go check numbers 2 and 9 off my list.

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