23 November 2013

Faaaanfic, part 4 (scris de la Xelu din crib, cu micul ajutor Dani si si mai micul ajutor Chibi)

"W-why won't you notice me?" Xander whispered sullenly. He could hear the sloshing sounds of only-Kami-sama-knows-what-was-going-on-to-his-left, as soft moans were steadily building up. Kuso! They should have been MY moans. MINE. 
He then heard gasps right as the door opened again. How much more must I suffer? he asked himself trying his hardest to hold back the tears that were forming behind his kawaii eyelashes.
"Bă, ați început fără mine?? Las', că am venit acum cu paloșul meu strașnic! Haida!"
Dan? Why was he here? And, most importantly, why was he talking like that? 
"Hă-hă, văd că l-ați legat cum știe Lumpy mai bine. Făinoșag!"
Too bad nobody understood his accent, as he had been spending too much time reviewing weird games in his native accent. The almost-threesome remained quiet, the two of them that still had the ability to see looking at Dan with confused expressions on their faces. Xander felt a warm hand on his shoulder.
"Hai sus."
But Xander didn't understand him. The language barrier between them stood hard like the member in his pants. And it was only getting harder. It was almost like his dick was one of the Titans from their new favorite anime. But bigger.


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