15 May 2013

My Dissertation

Or how I can't seem to focus enough to actually write more than a paragraph about something I really like. Because who does things when they're supposed to? Not me, no sir. The theme I'm working with is dystopias. I just really like dystopian books, so why not write about something cool, right? Well, it's way harder than I originally thought. I don't have the necessary will to sit down and do something analytical as opposed to something purely creative.

The yield for tonight: 1 paragraph
Cups of coffee: 1 (so far)
Toothache: persisting

The paragraph is about Cloud Atlas.

Motto: “Souls cross ages like clouds cross skies…”
And stories cross genres like in no other work before it. Cloud Atlas is baffling and chilling in its implications, ambitious to the extreme in its language and, ultimately, a meta-novel of the highest form. Six intertwining stories told in six different styles weave a tale about what links us all together  in a truly detective style, in which the reader gradually discovers the key to the biggest mystery of all: what happened to Civilization as we knew it? From the language of a 19th century epistolary novel to the slurs of forgotten words in the post-apocalyptic future of ‘after the Fall’, Cloud Atlas promises and delivers a journey of the best kind: a journey through language and stories. Forward and backward we are taken through time, backtracking and completing the circle drawn by David Mitchell with precise and masterful artistry. 

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