14 May 2013

Novel Draft #1, Part #6

Making pie pops. Because I obviously have nothing better to do, a few weeks before my finals/big exam/dissertation/graduation. Nope. Pie pops. (will probs post bad-quality-because-I'm-too-poor-to-afford-a-good-camera photos tomorrow though. +recipe)

Here's the next chapter of E/L. (I can't think of a better title right now, so if you have any ideas feel free to comment or message or send in a raven or something.)

Lucas – First Day
          This is just too perfect. I knew today had a good feeling to it. But to be in the same class with HER is more than I could’ve asked for. Daily torture, here we come, I wickedly thought as Dylan was uttering complete nonsense about having to buy some outdated books of great ‘importance to our future’ and so on. That man is seriously getting on my nerves. And, even though detention will save me from my community work duties around the school today, two hours with Little Red Riding Hood over here might just terminate my nervous system. Ah, cope with it, Lucas, cope with it. It’s all for the greater good. I was incredibly bored, and the new girl was apparently ignoring me, so I decided to test her reactions to my oh-so-suave voice.
          “Pssst.” No reaction whatsoever.
          “Pssssst.” Is she dead?
          “WHAT?” she exploded, looking at me like I was something that had just crawled out of a very dark pit filled with tar and clay. What was that called again? Ah, yes, I believe the common term for it would be Hell.
          “Uhm, Miss Sheffield? Is there a problem?” Dylan asked, getting his nose out of the book he was presenting. ‘The Book of Creatures’, huh? Oh yes, that will be most vital to my future indeed. I do believe my life up until now has been incomplete, since I have been living without this astonishing book. As if.
“Miss Sheffield? Were you paying attention whatsoever?”
“Uhm… Yes, yes, of course I was,” she stuttered.
“Then please tell the class what we were discussing earlier,” Dylan puffed at the new girl, making a scene by closing that irritating book with a snap. Oh, how I’d like to incinerate that blasted thing. It would only take a moment and… Hey, the Sheffield girl’s in trouble. This will be a laug- no, wait. Her getting the question right means annoying the living hell out of Dylan. Opportunity seized.
“Psssst.” She now imperceptibly turned around, looking as if she could barely keep her eyes open. I’m going to help you, you foolish girl. Look at me! “The Book of Creatures,” I whispered, terribly amused by her current situation as Dylan’s prey. She nodded in agreement – or was it in disgust? Anyway, she got the question right, and Professor Detention here needed about two minutes to recollect himself from the shock. Just as planned, I smirked to myself, when I noticed that the new girl was now looking at me, obviously puzzled. Don’t get used to this, darling. It was nothing personal, as I have absolutely no wishes to help you. I merely wanted to annoy our dear professor. That’s all. But you are allowed to thank me. Yes, I shall grant you the honour of properly thanking me after class.

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