18 March 2013

Little facts

  • I can't look at veins. The sight of them reminds me of the fact that I am alive and, thus, will one day die.
  • When I'm in an awkward situation, I start humming the US national anthem.
  • I put honey in my yogurt and can't won't drink coffee without milk.
  • I have a lot of clothes but only wear 1% of them.
  • I think we should never feel guilty for procrastinating.
  • I like being alone and sometimes spend days upon days indoors, without feeling the need to go outside.
  • In my tiny moments of happiness I start analyzing said happiness and, in the process, stop feeling it. It's very troublesome.
  • I think there's too much pressure put on 20-year-olds.
  • I sometimes disagree with people not because I believe strongly in what I say, but to stir some feeling into the numbness of this world.

I hate it here.

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