16 March 2013

SSS #3


            October children hate the sun. They best thrive under an overcast sky. Which is why today was not a good day for Nineteen X.

            ‘Fuck damn it, what the October is up with this weather? It’s almost like May,’ he wiped the sweat drops off his brow with the sleeve of the jacket he was just taking off.
            ‘Hey hey hey. And what exactly is wrong with May-like weather?’
            ‘I didn’t mean it in that way,’ he retorted, having forgotten Five V’s presence. She scowled at him, obviously unhappy her Month-Patron was insulted. And by a falling-leaves kid, out of all people.
            ‘Look, I’m sorry. Can we get over it now? Before this turns into unnecessary bloodshed? Please?’ She didn’t stand a fleeting chance against his expert puppy-face.
            But he wasn’t paying attention anymore. He was too busy looking at the map. He’d never been to Asia before, so he had no idea where they were. Oh, and he sucked at reading maps.
            ‘Shit, I hate reading maps!’ his frustration exploded uncontained. ‘Oh, but please, do control your emotions,’ he looked at Five V’s impossibly straight face. She was not amused.
            ‘One: you’re holding it wrong. Two: it’s a map of Africa, not Asia. Three: you’re a fucking idiot.’
            The map met the ground in a dusty embrace, a little too violent for its taste.
            ‘I don’t see you doing anything to improve our situati- Hey. Hey! Where are you going? COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!’
            ‘YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY, WOMAN, OR-‘
            ‘OR WHAT??’


            ‘Wow, ouch. Harsh. He’s right though. The weather is dreadful.’
            ‘So is she.’
            ‘No. Right. She’s right too. That boy is a fucking idiot.’

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