21 February 2013

Best comic there is

No, I'm not talking about this badly done comic page I gratuitously created using my own amazing person and the cutest Pokemon there is. (although I must admit I feel drawn towards - haha, get it? drawn towards? - making a lengthy comic type thing from my own pictures and adventures.)

comic book

What I actually wanted to tell you about was this other comic called Transmetropolitan - a little something that my loving boyfriend recommended to me in order to SUCK MY SOUL IN AND NOT LET ME DO ANY WORK BECAUSE IT'S TOO AWESOME NOT TO READ FOREVER. Basically.

Don't let the graphical nature of the comic disturb you - it's exactly what it's supposed to be. Insane, over-the-top and addictive to the point of rereading it furiously and making screenshots of your favourite parts. From 1997 to 2002, this baby ran 60 issues. Not enough, from what I hear. If you like Gonzo journalism and/or cyberpunk, plus the setting of a dystopian future where your house appliances are on drugs, then go ahead.


  1. O_O you barely started reading it and you made a post about it? ...I knew there was a reason I was keeping you close

  2. Heh, well, it was good enough to write about, what can I say. "I hate it here." *chuckle*

  3. You should have your own column: "Why people love me:"