22 February 2013

'Short Story Saturday' announcement!


I decided that, every Saturday from now on, I'll post a new short story on the blog. The aim is to have them all interconnected in the end, with recurrent characters and such. At first I was aiming to create this weird new world in which there is one human per allocated day of the calendar - so, basically, the new Earth would have only 365 (+1) people. If anything were to upset the balance, well... it would be bad.

Anyway, the characters (well, the human ones at least) don't have names per say. They are allocated the day and month they were born on. I'm starting to see that I've basically constructed a human calendar. Let's just hope it won't become creepy.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • each story will have two parts. 
  • the second part is what happens outside of Earth (but you'll figure that out soon enough.)
  • the characters have certain traits, depending on the season they were born in.
  • the days of the calendar will be posted randomly (I like playing with time.)
These being said, I hope you'll enjoy my little-big project. 

(and look forward to tomorrow's post)

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