5 May 2013

So About This Mars Thing

Want to spend the rest of your life attempting to colonize Mars? Are you unafraid of unknown radiation? Do you have the following traits?
The prime attributes Mars One is looking for in astronaut-settlers is resilience, adaptability, curiosity, ability to trust and resourcefulness. They must also be over 18.
Then click here and sign up for what is probably the most mind-blowing project you'll live to see. On national TV. From 2023, on HD screens near you.

To be completely honest with myself, I think the fact that we are starting to spread out on other planets is as disturbing as it is cool--who would have thought that we'll get to see humans living on Mars in our lifetime? Not only that, but completely adapting to a new planet that is basically a red dust rock with weird radiations and a 38% gravitational field and then being unable to return to Earth due to said changes-- well, that's a bit extreme. Yet the applications are pouring in and people as young as 19 are eager to leave Earth forever in order to pursue their dream. SPACE.

Fuck, who am I kidding, this is creepy as hell.

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