6 May 2013

Novel Draft #1, Part #4

This one's shorter; my eternal apologies. For some reason, I thought one-sentence-chapters was a good idea at the time.

                                    Emma – Annoyed

“Mrrgh, gmph,” I mumbled in my pillows, as something brutally intruded in my dreams. Who on Earth is screaming like that in the middle of the night?? And I shoved a pillow over my head, trying to fall asleep again.

                                                               Lucas - Star

          I landed on the roof of the boys’ dormitories and threw myself on my back, arms crossed behind my head. Might just stay up here all night, I yawned, even though I wasn’t all-that-tired to begin with. The stars had a way of making me feel safe, since I had a star of my own picked out ever since I was a child. I named it Shana. The third one in the Belt, then two stars down… ah, there you are. I smiled at my star, and closed my eyes. Shana was going to watch over me that night.

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