12 May 2013

Lies I Heard This Week

Lie #1: Wisdom teeth aren't that well grounded and probably don't even have strong roots anyway.
Bullshit. Mine were burrowed deep into the recesses of my fucking skull, reaching for the fucking mines of fucking Moria for all I know, and the roots became coiled whips of pain and torture once touched by human hand and/or tool. You little shits.

Lie #2: If it didn't hurt me, it probably won't hurt you.
Fact: It did fucking hurt me, you inconsiderate egocentric bastards! It hurt me so much I felt the screeches of my healthy tooth being torn to pieces by metallic drills long after it was brutally pulled out of my traumatized gums.

Lie #3: You'll be able to eat after three hours.
Are you fucking kidding me? It's been three days and I still eat mashed bananas and soup. Why? Because it still fucking hurts, that's why.



  1. I had a problem with mine a few years ago. There was a gap between my tooth and my gum - a sort of hollow that food kept getting trapped in. And then rotting. And tainting everything I ate and giving me bad breath. And no amount of brushing or messing around with toothpicks could deal with the blockages.

    I went to the dentist and was warned that the tooth was close to a nerve. Removing it might damage the nerve. And that might cause me to stop being able to taste food.

    That was enough to scare me off, so it was months before I decided to take the chance.

    I was lucky, compared to you. And certainly lucky compared to the potential risk I had to run. But it was days before I could open my mouth properly. I was in constant pain, I was on antibiotics and I could only shovel in tiny amounts of food... which, thankfully, I was still able to taste. I had to chew very slowly... but I could still taste.

    1. Now that is a terrifying thing to experience. I'm glad you managed to brave through the entire process and take the chance -- truly inspiring.

      I'm currently dreading the second extraction. Might not go through with it, now that I have enough space in my mouth and the extra tooth IS healthy. It would be unnecessary pain, methinks.

      I hope you're doing well.