2 February 2013

Sweet Discoveries

chocolate sticks fashion
Mikado <3

French sweets filters
Macarons, my love
I must admit I've never tasted Macarons or Mikado before, so sampling them came as a huge surprise. For those of you whose stomachs have seen the wonders of the aforementioned sweets, congratulations and I hate you. For those who have remained ignorant to such culinary bliss, I urge you to go, ideally, to France - or, you know, to the nearest Billa.

Every wonderful macaron comes in a different colour and taste, so it's pretty difficult to share a box with someone. Make sure you buy at least two of each. You'll thank yourself later.

The Mikado sticks are great if you want to eat chocolate but don't really want to get an entire tablet because you're on the go. Simple, clean, tasty as hell, perfect for trips.

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