14 November 2013

Fanfic, part 2

Part 2

"What's going on here?" The door slammed open and Luffy stood in the entrance, his glasses all foggy and his forehead wet. He was holding a few concept posters for the convention he was organizing - he wanted to show them to Xander to see if he approved, but he soon realized something else was going on. Which was why he asked, of course. His face resembled that of an injured puppy. But Xander couldn't see, for he was still blindfolded and in the process of being fondled by Lumpy.

"Nothing," answered Lumpy, not taking his hand from Xander's crotch. "Nothing at all. I was just testing some ideas for next camp. We were thinking of going with a BDSM kind of theme. Heh."

"R-Right. Of course." Luffy wasn't buying this. Mostly because he had invested all his money and had nothing left to buy it with.

"Uhm, seriously? You find nothing wrong with this whole situation?! ARE YOU BLIND OR JUST STUPID?" Xander's powerful voice thundered through the room, making the other men shiver. They liked it when he was bossy. Bossssssy.

Luffy looked at Lumpy and a silent nod was exchanged between them. They would both have their fun that night. The posters lay forgotten on the floor next to the door as Luffy took his scarf off and approached his friends.

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