5 August 2013

August Randomium

  1. I only feel nice when my toes are painted turquoise.
  2. My room smells like dying cat.
  3. Banana split is the best split.
  4. I can now (semi-)proficiently ride a bike, complete with turning corners without falling.
  5. I've been reading a lot of Eliade lately, and I feel misled.
  6. My phone got stolen in Bucharest on my birthday, but I got a better one instead.
  7. Lemonade beer.
  8. Oradea is actually a nice city.
  9. A neighbor got killed by a tram this morning.
  10. I wish I could draw better, yet I do nothing to improve it. This bothers me somewhat.
  11. I'm leaving in two hours, but not looking forward to the sticky warmth of the train.

I hope your August doesn't make you want to hide in a basement.

P.S. Here are some of the lovely letters my penpals sent me in the past month <3

From England



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