8 April 2013

My First Script

I'll only share the first page, mostly because I don't want to give away the ending. It will be made into a short movie after all, by the talented George V. from George V. Photography. Looking forward to shooting the thing!

Rinalda Fărăian

A large room with an armchair and a big screen, wires strewn across the floor and the back of the chair. PLAYER enters, throwing himself on the chair and putting a three-fingered glove on. Screen turns on, bright and white against the darkness of the room, activating GAME mode.

(poking the air with his fingers)
Game selection.

(robotic female voice)
Choose. Game.

A choice reel of game names appears projected in front of the screen, which has now gone black, save for one dot in the center.
(swiping casually through a selection of names)
No. No. Hell no. What? Pony Apocalypse Tomorrow? Why do I even still have that junk? Useless.
(selects Trash and carries on, mumbling the names aloud)
Kidnap Tycoon, Russian Whore Galore, Panty Quest…
(he stops, going back two names.)
Yes. Yes. This will do.
(he grins with visible satisfaction, making a pistol with his gloved fingers and mock firing at the projection of a girl holding a sign above her head. Sign reads: The Chase.)

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