23 March 2013

Short Story Saturday

First of all, I'd like to share something funny I found while obsessively listening to the GOT soundtracks on Youtube. (I especially like Bones, the song used in the last trailer. It goes so perfectly with what happens, it's uncanny.)

Now for the short story. Enjoy :)


            Today was really cold outside. So was yesterday. Which would explain why I’m currently very sick. I think it happened somewhere between the ‘but it seems pretty warm outside’ and the ‘I’ll just go to the gym, sweat a bit, and then walk back home without a hat.’
            Oh yes, it’s already that time of year again. The time of hats and gloves and fuzzy coats. But also the time of colds, mucus and stuffed noses.
            I hate this time of year.
            It’s like your brain is in this fuzz capsule and you can’t focus no matter how hard you try even though you really want to. And then you can’t breathe either because hey, why not have a stuffed nose? And then the lungs are all like: ‘we’ll make you cough the shit out of us.’ Not that I have shit in my lungs but- well, you get the picture. Not that I’m telling you to picture lungs filled with sh- You know what, I just stop here with the details.
            So I went to school today, even though I didn’t really feel like moving from my small-yet-cozy dorm bed after 4 hours of sleep. Then I somehow glided through the day as if I wasn’t even there. And my head kept getting heavier, then my eyelids had the same idea, and the teacher was talking, and the talking turned into buzzing, but then somebody poked me and whispered a ‘hey, wake up, class is over.’
            Then I wanted a coffee from the coffee machine but the damned thing wouldn’t accept my money. Or anybody’s money for that matter. So I remained uncaffeinated and sad.
            I always get sad when I’m sick. Don’t know why though. It’s like now that I can’t be social I suddenly want to. And I’m sad about having to stay inside drinking tea and sucking on pills.
            My episodes of anxiety are becoming more and more frequent. I don’t know what to do. I panic about two times a day now – and that’s if I’m lucky.
            But my head is getting heavy again and it’s already very late and I have classes in the morning and I should probably go to sleep so I wouldn’t have another day like this one.
            I just want to stop feeling sad.
            I hope everything is well with you,
            A friend


            ‘He always leaves random letters on benches. Why does he do that? Does anybody even read them before the wind takes them away?’
            ‘Oh well, I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Look. A girl just found the letter.’
            ‘I wonder if she’ll read it and then feel sad she won’t know who to reply to...’