1 March 2013

Double Exposure

vienna girl

Back in Vienna for a few days, to tie up loose ends and put everything in order. It's still pretty cold over here, and what should have been the first day of spring turned out to be gloomy and freezing (even with two sweaters and a trench coat. Still cold. Wth. It's March. Get with the times, Austria!)

It always feels weird, returning somewhere. I guess it's just how Charlotte from Lost in Translation put it: "Let's never come here again, because it would never be as much fun." And it's kind of how I feel right now. It's all very familiar yet foreign, like I both belong and not belong. 

It's an odd sentiment of being in the in-betweens, trying to figure out where you stand in a place where you 
once lived. After checking out from the dorm, all signs of my presence will be erased. They diligently clean 
your room, scrub out the tape residue, slap on a coat of fresh paint and voila - you're a stranger. 

Rant over.

At least I'm going to spend a couple of days in Budapest. Looking forward to the hostel, which promises to be awesome.

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