17 February 2013

Year 2 was cool. Yeah.

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Ah yes, finals last year were hell.

I remember year two of college like it was a year ago. And since I am now living in a new dorm - which may be better in what living conditions are concerned, but is in no way better - I felt like doing a flashback post. I miss my old room, amazing roommate, the campus and the overall atmosphere of the ol' place way more than I'd have expected. It might have been dirty at times, with insects roaming around and broken showers and toilets that wouldn't close or flush and kitchens that looked like dumpsters and people sleeping on the floors of said kitchens and noisy, but it was awesome. And I miss it. And even though this new place feels like I'm living in a weird Ikea ripoff, I don't care. I have a balcony, a huge room, a hallway and bathrooms, but who cares. I miss the artistic vibe of the old place. This just feels like I'm in a white box-like tower, far far away. And the trams don't work during the night.


Dis is me and my old roommate and friend, Anca, who shall remain faceless because she said so. (and also because she had no idea I was taking the picture and I couldn't see what I was actually framing.)

The room was so small that you could fall literally anywhere and still land on a bed. And yeah, I had to go up a hill to get to the dorm and yeah, it was slippery during wintertime and yeah, I might have almost broken my leg a few times, but it was still lovely.

Here, have a summer of 2012 outfit picture in the old dorm room. Ignore the kitchen utensils behind me. IT WAS A SMALL LIVING HABITAT, OK.

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