15 February 2013

V for Vendetta and other initials

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Writing a paper for American Literature has never been this fun! I mean seriously, who would even think of letting us write about graphic novels? So I am currently in the middle of an essay about V for Vendetta, which, hopefully, will turn out great. Here, have a snippet:

The notion of political voyeurism also appears in V for Vendetta, in which the Eye is given erotic implications: “I know what you need, Conrad. I've always known what you need. You need to watch, don’t you, Conrad? Need to watch in your work, in your bed…” (V for Vendetta, p.256) The gruesome scene of Conrad’s death is doubled by the fact that his wife, Helen, points the surveillance camera towards him, forcing him to watch himself bleed to death without having the power to do anything about it. 
In other news, I added more items to my shop, woo~.

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